The Role of House Painting Software in Your Home Improvement


What is virtual house painting software?

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Online house painting software makes the color choice process a lot less risky. You’ll be able to get a general idea of what each color will look like on your house walls, whether interior or exterior, before you begin the task of applying the paint. The software works by taking pictures you upload and changing the colors in specific wall areas to a color of your choice based on the paint you want. Many of these services are free or cost very little, so there’s no risk to you when you use them. The only thing to keep in mind is that your computer screen might not show the color perfectly. It’s a good idea to still spot test the paint on an inconspicuous spot on the wall to see the true color.


  1. Preview color arrangements

Not sure what you want your home to look like? Play around with different color combos to find out what looks the best on the inside and outside of the house. There’s no risk in testing wild, bright colors together or going more traditional with lighter, more neutral hues. Whatever your final choice is, these softwares can make it possible to see what you’ll end up with before you’re stuck with something unpleasant.

  1. Reduce the cost of house painting

Sometimes when you’re painting your home you might purchase a color shade that seems like it would go great with your decorations and other walls, but in reality it’s a poor choice for the house. This might mean purchasing all new paint to replace the bad colors. High expenses such as this can be avoided if you check your colors first with online house painting software to make sure they’ll go with the current colors and look good with your house’s style.



One of the first online painting softwares made in the New Zealand area, you can upload your personal interior or exterior home pictures here and cycle through over 3000 colors and textures. If you don’t want to take the time to put your own pictures, there’s the option of using stock images from the website’s gallery.

Those that aren’t sure where to start can take advantage of the latest tips given on color trends, pre-selected color combinations, or suggested designs for your home. To use the Resene software, you can either try the online version or download the full program free to your computer.
Virtual House Painting Program


Paint is something this company specializes in. Because of this, they have chosen to offer a free online or downloadable painting software to help you choose your ideal paint colors before starting the project. There are many colors and color schemes to choose from and if you find something that works well you can order it directly from the website.

There are stock pictures which can be used or you can upload your own photos. When you upload the photos, you can use the painting design tools to designate up to 5 areas which should be changeable. These are the areas you can apply the online colors to when you’re using the program. In order to use this software you have to register an account on the site.

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This program is a bit more advanced in that it not only lets you use stock photos or upload your own photos and paint them, but you can also see your color choices on a variety of surface types such as concrete, wood, or stucco. Doing this can make a lot of difference in your paint color choice since not all colors appear the same way on each different surface.

One handy feature given by this company is the ability to calibrate the color on your monitor to help you see what the true color of the paint will be. You can avoid the surprise of seeing a paint color that looks vastly different from what you saw online. When you’ve found the perfect combinations the program will give you a specific paint number that you can then take to your local department store to pick up the paint. Download a free trial of the program or check out to see their most recent apps and downloadable software.

Tips for painting your house well

Nothing makes your home seem newer and nicer than a fresh coat of paint. Painting a house is one job that most people is an easy do-it-yourself project you can accomplish alone or with a one or two other people. While this is true to a point, there are some things that you should really take into account before you break out the brushes and rollers to get started. If you want your paint job to last for years to come without getting cracked, flaky, or looking poorly done, check out these tips for both the interior and exterior of your house:


Painting the inside of your home requires precision, a good eye for color, and careful preparation if you want the result to look clean, crisp, and beautiful. Here’s a few helpful things you should do and some other actions you should avoid:

What to do

-Prepare the surface

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This means sanding out imperfections, covering nail holes, filling in damaged wall or trim areas, and other small repairs that might be necessary to make an even painting surface. Cleaning your walls thoroughly is also a necessity before you apply your primer.

-Protect your home

Expecting to throw down some old sheets on the floor to keep the paint off? Think again. If you really want to make sure your house doesn’t get messed up from your project, invest in a canvas drop cloth and painters tape like many professional painters and contractors use.

What not to do

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-Underestimate the project time

From start to finish it may take you as much as 1/2 day or a full day per average room. If there are extra details or large surfaces it could take even longer.

-Exaggerate your abilities

Think you can make a perfect straight line and don’t need painters tape? This could be a costly mistake. Save yourself the trouble and get proper equipment, prepare your space, and take your time. You’ll probably like the results much better!


The exterior of your house can be a lengthy task to complete, but if you do it well you’ll be very happy with the results. Check out these tips for what to do and what not to do:

What to do

-Choose your paint type

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There’s a huge difference between interior and exterior quality paints. You’ll want to choose a hardy exterior paint that can withstand the elements it will face. Depending on weather conditions in your area, you may want to see if there are any particular paints made for those specific conditions.

-Prepare the surface

Similarly to interior painting, when you’re painting the exterior it is essential to wash the surface, smooth out any rough patches, and prime the walls. Washing an outside surface is more difficult than an inside surface. It might be a good idea to rent a pressure washer in order to clean the walls well enough for painting.

What not to do

-Paint in the sun

Although you might think that painting in the sun or the wind is a good idea to help the paint dry faster, the truth is that if it dries too quickly the paint may get flaky or peel, meaning it won’t last nearly as long as it should.

-Leave old paint on the house

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If you want your new paint to stick well, you really need to fix up the areas in the old paint that are peeling, flaking, or chipped before you begin. Sanding the paint in rougher patches can be the best way to solve this problem.


Painting is already a stressful enough process when it’s done right, so make sure you do the best you can and you won’t be painting it again in a few short years! Using an online house painting software is one of the best ways to ensure a good end result. These free painting softwares can save you time, energy, and money while giving you a preview of what your home will look like. Seeing the potential end result before you get started is great motivation to get the job done well! Follow the tips given here to help make sure you succeed in giving your beautiful home a new look.